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Assessment of Cannabis Use Before Partnered Sex on Women Who Report Orgasm Difficulty

Suzanne Mulvehill
Female Orgasm Research Institute
International Institute of Clinical Sexology

Co-Authors: Jordan Tishler12
1Harvard University 2Association of Cannabis Specialists

Evaluate the effect of cannabis use before partnered sex on women who report difficulty orgasming.

This IRB-approved observational study was conducted between March 24, 2022 and November 18, 2022 using Qualtrics® software. The survey assessed baseline demographics, health status, cannabis use, sexual relationship status, difficulty orgasming, and the orgasm sub-scale questions of the Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) with and without cannabis use before sex.

Women 18 years and older, who used cannabis and had partnered sex within the last month were invited to take the anonymous, uncompensated survey. Women who were pregnant, breast feeding or using other recreational substances were excluded. Women who reported not using cannabis before partnered sex or not having female genitalia, were excluded from the data analysis.

There were a total of 1,037 survey responses, with 37% (n=387) completed surveys after exclusion and inclusion criteria were applied. The majority of women 52% (n=202) reported difficulty orgasming, were between the ages of 25-34 (45%, n=91), reported their race as white, 75% (n=152), were married or in a relationship (82%, n=165), and 50% (n=100) reported being “very satisfied” in their partnered relationship.

In the group of all women the frequency of orgasming increased for 59.2% (229/387, p < .0001) after using cannabis before partnered sex. In the group of 202 women with difficulty orgasming the frequency of orgasming increased 72.8% (147/202, p<0.0001) after using cannabis before partnered sex. Of the women with difficulty orgasming who almost never or never orgasm without cannabis, 28.7% (n=58, p<.0001) achieved orgasm when using cannabis before partnered sex.

We conclude that cannabis use before partnered sex provides women who have difficulty achieving orgasm a 28.7% greater likelihood of orgasming for women who almost never or never orgasm without cannabis and 72.8% increase in frequency of orgasm. A randomized controlled trial is planned to explore cannabis as a treatment for the persistently high percentage of women who have difficulty orgasming.

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