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Physical Health Impact of Cannabis Vaping Versus Cannabis Dabbing: A Review of the Literature over the Past Decade

Chase Moed
University Of Miami

Co-Authors: Bria-Necole A. Diggs1, Amrit Baral1, Shay P. Hagan1, Jaya Batra1, Denise C Vidot1
1University Of Miami

Cannabis use has increased in prevalence among all age groups over the past decade in the United States. Concurrent to an increased prevalence of use is the increase in routes of cannabis use beyond traditional smoking. Studies have suggested a difference in respiratory disease outcomes based on whether a consumer smoked or vaped cannabis; however, little is known about the cardiovascular health impact of dabbing high concentrates of cannabis and vaping. The purpose of this review is to examine the past 10 years of studies to identify the physical health impact of cannabis vaping compared to cannabis dabbing among all age groups with emphasis on cardiovascular health. 

In February of 2023, a PubMed search was conducted. Inclusion criteria was: 1) manuscripts published between 2010 to 2023; 2) human subjects; 3) manuscripts available in English; 4) manuscripts about cannabis vaping and dabbing. Exclusion criteria for the initial search was: 1) non-cannabis illicit drugs; 2) manuscripts published before 2010; 3) abstracts without a peer-reviewed manuscript. Initial articles yielded were filtered by date relevance, title relevance, abstract relevance, and full paper relevance. The presentation will focus on results from analyzing results individually and synthesizing key findings.

The following number of articles were found based on search term: “cannabis dabbing AND vaping” = 16; “marijuana dabbing and vaping” = 21; “dab and vape” = 3; “cannabinoid dabbing and vape” = 8. Majority of articles examined prevalence estimates of cannabis use by routes of administration: smoking joint, smoking blunts, vaping, dabbing, edibles, butane hash oil use, water pipe use, etc. Adherent articles ranged in topics such as chemical pneumonitis, pulmonary disease, cancer risk, and inflammatory bowel disease. The presentation will summarize dabbing and vaping within respiratory disease, cancer, and inflammatory disease.

Vaping is the second most common route of cannabis use and dabbing is gaining popularity at an increased rate based on articles excluded. Despite the high prevalence, little is known about the physical health impact of these routes of cannabis administration that require a device and high heat. There were no studies published on cardiovascular disease effects.

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