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Therapeutic Potential of Cannabidiol and WIN 55, 212-2-mesylate for Treatment of Anxiety

Carley Huffstetler
Florida State University

Objective: Our objective was to assess reduction or elimination of behaviors following chronic administration of cannabidiol (CBD) using a newly found mouse model (Kv1.3-/- mice) that exhibits anxiety and attention deficit-like behaviors.  We hypothesized that CBD isolate (antagonist) and WIN 55, 212-2-mesylate (WIN), an agonist for CB1 and CB2, might be anxiolytic.  To test the mouse model, we examined dose-responsiveness, sex-dependency, route of delivery, and also metabolically phenotyped mice using a comprehensive lab animal monitoring system.


    • Carley Huffstetler

      Hi Stana! Thank you for your interest! Our chronic administration was accomplished via i.p. injection. We are considering that the handling of the mice that is necessary to administer injections may reduce state anxiety during chronic behavioral tests. As such, we are looking forward to testing chronic administration using different delivery methods (such as the oral jam method we mentioned) that require minimal handling.

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