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Role of CBD exosomes in Triple negative breast cancer

Sunil Surapaneni
Florida A&M University

Breast Cancer predominantly affects women in the United States, and around 10-14 % of all breast cancers are triple negative type (TNBC), which are having limited effective therapeutic options readily available. Anti-cancer potential of cannabidiol (CBD) is well demonstrated in various cancers but poor solubility and increased metabolism by CYP enzymes limit the bioavailability of CBD. So, we hypothesize that therapeutic usage of human umbilical cord stem cell derived exosomes (hUCMSCs-EX) will serve as an ideal delivery platform not only for increasing the bioavailability and anticancer effects of CBD but also for overcoming resistance of docetaxel (DTX) and Doxorubicin (DOX) in MDA-MB-231 (i.e., CB1, CB2, and CD44 receptors expressing) cells.

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